Communities showing 'true grit'

snow clearing

As the severe weather continues to bite, communities are doing a fantastic job pulling together with the council to keep roads open, vulnerable people cared for and local people fed.

While on Sunday around 30 items of plant and 100 roads staff  are continuing to battle snowdrifts and freezing temperatures to clear access to hospitals, schools, homes and rural villages, residents are also showing ‘true grit’ in challenging circumstances.

Parents volunteering to clear playgrounds

Parents at schools in the county have volunteered to help clear playgrounds to get schools open as quickly as possible (hopefully on Monday).

Clubs offering to tackle car parks

Local football and rugby clubs have been tackling car parks in nursing homes.

Kind residents delivering bread and milk

Residents have even been taking it upon themselves to deliver bread and supplies to care homes while local restaurants throw open their doors with offers of bread and milk for hungry neighbours.

Partner agencies supplying 4x4s

Meanwhile, partner agencies including the Red Cross have been helping by, for example, supplying 4x4 vehicles to deliver prescriptions and get essential council staff to work safely.

Big thank you to our communities

Midlothian’s Chief Executive Kenneth Lawrie said: “Weather like this, the worst we’ve seen since the snow of 2010, brings out the very best in our communities.

“Our staff have been working round the clock in freezing conditions to clear roads and reach vulnerable people in their homes. One of our roads team even managed to answer a distress call from a bride worried she wasn’t going to manage out of her door to her wedding.

Residents looking in on vulnerable neighbours

“We’re also aware of residents going above and beyond to not just clear their own areas outside their front doors but to also clear streets and check on neighbours.

“The reality is that the council doesn’t have resource to get down every street in severe weather and we rely on local people to do their bit. It’s both heartwarming and reassuring to hear of all the stories of people pulling together. The more we do, the sooner life will get back to normal.

Much appreciated

“Thanks everyone across the county for your help, it is very much appreciated.”

Picture shows Gorebridge residents tackling the snow


4 Mar 2018