Give your views on grants for local groups

Midlothian Council is developing a new community grants programme for 2019-21 and is looking for your views.

Projects to improve quality of life

The council has developed new proposals on how grants should be awarded to projects aimed at improving the quality of life of local residents. These are based on good practice from across Scotland, along with feedback from voluntary groups, and from the council’s previous experience of awarding grants. 

Helping those in greatest need

The new proposals call on applicants to demonstrate how their projects will help reduce inequalities and support those most in need. There are also plans to simplify the application process and to make changes to the kind and size of grants on offer.

Meeting local priorities

The council’s cabinet member for communities, Councillor Russell Imrie, is encouraging local residents and groups to make their views known.

“Individual volunteers and voluntary groups play a vital role in the life of our communities,” said Councillor Imrie. “Midlothian Council wants to support those local projects which bring the greatest benefit to the people and the areas that most need it. That’s why we’re proposing these changes – to make sure we award grants that help meet local priorities.”

Find out more about the proposed changes:

2019-21 grants programme survey is now closed.

4 Jun 2018