We need foster carers like Phil and Theodora

Fostering campaign

Phil Fitness and his partner Theodora Hidalgo are among a growing number of carers who start off their fostering career offering weekend or short-term placements.

Foster carers needed

Could you be a short-term foster carer with Midlothian Council like them?

Foster full or part-time

Phil and Theodora, who are now fostering on a full-time basis, say watching the young person in their care become more confident and independent is among the highlights.

Changing lives

Phil says of the boy they have in their care: “He was completely different when he first came. He had not gone to school regularly for two years.

Growing independence

“There was no rules, no structure and no responsibilities in his life. He changed really quickly, though. At first he didn’t really want to go outside much. He just wanted to be in his room playing his X Box. Now, he goes to the local shop on his own, for example, and he has only missed three days of school since December.”

Giving back

As both Phil and Theodora were working full time, they opted for short-term caring initially. It was Phil’s idea to foster. Having experienced an unpleasant childhood himself, he wanted to support local children in need.

Many thanks to carers

Midlothian Council is very glad they, and scores of other local people like them, foster.

Committed and caring

The council’s cabinet member for children’s services, Councillor Jim Muirhead said: “I’ve met many of our foster carers and I’m always struck by their compassion and commitment.

“Thanks to them, children and young people who have often experienced chaos and sometimes abuse, have the opportunity to enjoy stability in a loving, supportive home. It’s life changing.

Consider fostering

“We’re looking for people from all walks of life to be foster carers. Please get in touch.”

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9 Jul 2018