S6 highers results up 10% on 2014

Congratulations to all of our pupils in Midlothian who receive their examination results today.

Improving trends

We are delighted to report some improving trends in exam results this year for our school leavers. As we continue to encourage more pupils to stay on until the end of S6, more are achieving higher grade results.

S6 highers results up 10% on 2014

By the end of S6, at higher level, 61% of pupils have achieved one or more highers, up 10% when compared with 2014. 41% achieved three or more highers, up 5% when compared with 2014 and 28% of pupils achieved five or more highers, up 1% when compared with 2014. 

Encouraging results

Councillor Jim Muirhead, Cabinet member for Education, said: “These results for our school leavers at the end of S6 are very encouraging and show some great results at higher level by the end of S6 in particular when compared with 2014. Well done to all the pupils and staff who have made this year such a success. We continue to be impressed by the hard work, commitment and dedication of pupils, staff and parents as we continue to build our world-class education system in Midlothian.”

Support and advice

As in previous years, we want pupils to know that staff members are here to offer advice and support. If any pupils or parents have any queries regarding the results, we advise that you contact your local school directly.

Positive destinations

The improvements in attainment by the end of S6 follow the recent improvements in sustained positive destinations, which show a total of 94.4% of Midlothian pupils now securing and sustaining a positive destination. This is our highest ever recorded figure.

7 Aug 2018