A Midlothian couple's adoption journey

Stock image of adoption couple

To highlight National Adoption Week, which runs from Monday 19 November until Sunday 25 November, we spoke to Midlothian couple Jane and Brian. Jane and Brian, not their real names, were  approved by an adoption panel in March and are currently at the beginning of the process of being formally matched with a child.  

A loving, stable home

Jane told us: “As long as we have been talking about having children, we always said we would adopt as we would be able to provide a good stable and loving home to a child who needed one.  We had thought that an adopted child would be an addition to a child we had naturally but as time went on without that happening we decided that we should move ahead with the adoption process anyway.” 

Support on hand

Jane and Brian didn’t initially realise there were alternatives to adopting via a local authority, such as with a private agency.  Having gone through the process with the council though, they feel it  gives them a greater insight into the sort of support and resources available if they should need them.

Looking forward

The couple have not met any children yet, only the social workers of the child whom they are hoping to adopt.  


Jane told us: “We have never stipulated that we would prefer a boy or a girl, we were equally happy with either.  The only parameters we were searching within were the age group and number of children that we had been approved for adopting. We excluded some potential issues or requirements that particular children may have that we didn’t feel confident we could cope with.  Although it felt at the time like we were arbitrarily discounting children, it’s important to be completely honest about what you can or are willing to cope with as this is a decision that has lifelong implications.”

A lot of work

Jane and Brian say the process since the first contact with the council has felt quite long at times. It involved a lot of work, particularly during the home study.

Welcoming a child

Jane says: “We are very excited for the future, however we are aware that there is still some way to go before the process is finished and we are officially parents to our child.  We don’t know how long the rest of the process may take but we are hoping that we may have our child living with us in the early part of next year.”


Please note that while the interview details are correct, we have changed the names of the couple and used a stock photograph.

16 Nov 2018