What matters to you?

Midlothian Health & Social Care Partnership

Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership is encouraging residents to ask themselves ‘What matters to you?’ before meeting with health and social care professionals.

Get the best support

From 6 June, as part of an initiative of the same name, residents are being asked to consider what they’re worried about, how they’re currently managing and how they want their life to improve. ‘What matters to you?’ aims to get people thinking about how they can get the best possible support from their health and social care professional.

Tailoring care to your needs

Tracy McLeod, Senior Health Promotion Specialist for Midlothian said: “Understanding the context of peoples’ lives really helps us provide the best care possible. We’re encouraging people to have a think about what’s important to them before their appointment so we can tailor care to the person’s unique needs, values and beliefs.”

Have a good conversation

Becky Hilton, Social Worker, added: “Perhaps what’s important is making sure a trusted relative is involved in conversations about your treatment or support; or building a good social circle - whatever matters to you, a good conversation with your health and social care professional can help us support you in the best way possible.”

6 Jun 2019