New Chair for Integrated Joint Board

Councillor Catherine Johnstone has been appointed as the new Chair of the Integration Joint Board.

Serving for two years

The nomination and voting process took place today at a meeting of Midlothian Council. The Chair will serve for a two year period until 2021.

Governance arrangements

Governance for the Midlothian Integration Joint Board requires four councillors to sit as voting members of the board.  Equally, four non-executive directors are chosen by NHS Lothian to be voting members.  The Chair of the Integration Joint Board is chosen from these voting members, alternating from Council to NHS every two years.

Voting members

Following local government elections, Councillors Milligan, Muirhead, Johnstone and Winchester were appointed as voting members of the Integration Joint Board in May 2017. Councillor Milligan has served as Vice-Chair since that time.   

Exciting and challenging time

Allister Short, Chief Officer, said: “It’s an exciting and challenging time for the Integration Joint Board as we make important decisions about the future of health and social care in Midlothian.  We are working to reduce delayed discharge and repeat emergency admissions; making changes to infrastructure that will allow people to be treated closer to home and putting ill health prevention at the centre of what we do. I am delighted to welcome Councillor Johnstone as our new Chair to help guide that process of transformation.”



25 Jun 2019