£200k TEC funding boost for Midlothian Frailty project

Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership has been announced as a recipient of a significant funding boost from the Technology Enabled Care (TEC) ‘Pathfinders’ Programme. 

Funding boost

Following a highly competitive bidding process, the Partnership has been awarded almost £200k per year for up to three years, to be used to explore how technology can transform care for frail people in Midlothian.

One of four pilot projects

Midlothian is one of four areas in Scotland who will receive project funding from this Scottish Government programme, as well as support from the TEC team themselves, with the expectation that learning will be shared nationally so other areas can benefit from the work.

Working together

The frailty model will be redesigned using the Scottish Approach to Service Design, meaning the Partnership will engage extensively with service users to ensure the resulting service is right for them.

Team are delighted

Allister Short, Chief Officer, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to have been awarded this funding and believe it will make a huge difference to how we care for our older and/or frail patients.

Almost 8000 frail people in Midlothian

“We know that almost 8000 people in Midlothian have some level of frailty, whether mild, moderate or severe and we’ve done a lot of the analysis work already - we know where our frail people are, how frail they are, how often they go into hospital, how often they go to see the GP – now we need to work out how TEC can support new ways of caring for those frail patients.

TEC is just part of the story

“TEC isn’t the whole story in caring for our frail patients. In some ways, establishing new care pathways can be about going back to basics. We’ll be working with local GP Practices to test models of care offering continuity and consistency, and working with our team of nurses, physios and wellbeing practitioners to establish what matters to patients, who cares for them, what their home life is like and so on. But what this project allows us to do, is look at how emerging technology can work alongside more traditional ways of caring.

Excited to get started

“Do we know what the TEC solution is yet? No. But that’s the whole point.  This funding allows us to start organically with the problem, engage fully with our frail patients to hear their experience and jointly come to the best solution, whatever that may be. We’re excited to get started. ”

12 Jul 2019