Exam success for Midlothian pupils

Congratulations to pupils and staff of Midlothian Secondary schools on this years examination results. We are delighted to report some improving trends in exam results this year for our school leavers.

34% of S4s getting five plus Nat 5s

This years results have seen us maintain our recent progress at S4 with 34% of students achieving five or more National 5 passes at A-C by the end of S4 and 42.2% achieving five or more National 5 awards at A-D.

Second highest result recorded

This is only the second year that grades A-D are being taken into account. This is on par with our second highest result ever recorded for this measure and it is likely to rise further as these are initial results. Other awards on the Scottish Qualifications Framework are added to schools results and are included the overall analysis released in September 2019.

Good pass rates at Higher

At S5 we have maintained good pass rates for pupils passing one Higher, three Highers and five at Higher Level or better. The figures are slightly above last years.

Again, they will also improve as additional results are added from other courses and following the appeals process which will take place from mid-August to early September.

More results

  • 52.6 % of students in S5, based on the S4 cohort, achieved an A-C pass at Higher, a 2% increase on last year. 58.0% achieved A-D grades, a 4% increase on last years figure. (The S4 cohort are those pupils who were in school at S4 and are still there)
  • 29.3 % gained at least three Highers at A-C grades and 37.7% achieved A-D grades, a near 5% improvement over 2018.
  • 14.0 % of students in S5, based on the S4 cohort, achieved five Highers at A-C grades. This is 1% above last years figure and is our second best ever pass rate. 17.5% of S5 pupils achieved grades A-D, a significant 3% increase from last year.

Huge well done

Midlothian Councils Cabinet Member for Education, Cllr Jim Muirhead said: Well done to all pupils and staff for these very positive overall results.

Focusing on gaining good quality passes at A-C will continue to be a priority as this will help ensure pupils have the widest opportunities whether they want to go on to further education, get a job or more training.

Continued improvement

At S6 Midlothian had continued to improve on all measures in terms of passes at Higher with each measure being the best ever recorded last year. The improvement trend has been positive over the last five years despite the pressure on schools to develop and embed new courses at Higher and National level but has fallen slightly in 2019. This years figures are comparable to, or slightly higher, than the three year trend.

  • 57.3% of S6 students based on the S4 cohort (those who were in the school in S4 and are still there) achieved at least one Higher with an A-C pass and 60.9% with an A-D pass
  • 37.3 % of S6 students based on the S4 cohort achieved at least three Higher passes
  • 24.2 % of S6 students based on the S4 cohort achieved at least five Higher passes
  • 17.0% of S6 students based on the S4 cohort achieved at least one Advanced Higher pass which is the slightly above last years figure.

Help is available

Pupils or parents who have any queries regarding the results should contact their local school directly. We want pupils to know staff members are here to offer advice and support, said Cllr Muirhead.

The Young Scot website has plenty of help and advice for everyone getting exam results.

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As stated these are indicative results and are subject to change once all of the courses are populated.  Further data will of course be available in September when all of the course information will be populated in Insight


6 Aug 2019