Twinning choir success

Twinning 2019

More than 80 people braved the rain recently to enjoy a fantastic performance by the Junger Chor Hunshoven choir, from our twinned district of Heinsberg, Germany.

Part of Edinburgh Fringe

Held in Crichton Collegiate Church on Sunday 11 August, the concert, which was part of the Edinburgh Fringe, included uplifting renditions of contemporary church music in German and English as well as gospel music.

A celebration of friendship

Midlothian Provost, Councillor Peter Smaill said: “It was a rousing celebration of the friendship spanning 40 years between the council and our twinned district of Heinsberg.

Thoroughly enjoyable

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and, given the audience participation, I know everyone else did too.

“Some people had come from Midlothian while it also attracted new people to the county on what was probably one of the wettest August nights in years.

Well done Max

“It was well worth the effort. Well done to everyone involved, including the pianist Max Hagen, 16, who performed like a star professional.”

Special guests

Among the guests on the night were Frau Barbara Quick, of The German Consulate, Edinburgh, and Lord Lieutenant Sir Robert Clerk.

Financial support

The Junger Chor Hünshoven was supported financially by the Ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia after winning a competition based on the theme of Europe at Home.

The €5,000 was awarded by the Minister for Federal and European Affairs and International Affairs of North Rhine-Westphalia, Dr. Stephan Holthoff-Pförtner, who supports innovative ideas.

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22 Aug 2019