Midlothian residents encouraged to get Power of Attorney

It's National Power of Attorney Day

In the first ever National Power of Attorney Day, Residents across Midlothian are being urged to arrange power of attorney (POA) in a bid to protect their wishes in the event of serious illness or accident.

Allows decisions to be made

In the event of an illness or accident, POA is a legal document allowing a nominated person to act or make decisions on someone else’s behalf.

Gives you choice and control

This happens when a person loses the capacity to make their own decisions following an incident which leaves them unable to look after their financial or personal affairs.

Please sign up

Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership is keen for more people to sign up.

It's for people like you

Shelagh Swithenbank Carer Planning Officer said: “There are a lot of misconceptions about power of attorney – people think it’s for older folk, or that they don’t need one if they have a will. But that’s not the case. Having a POA in place can be helpful to us and those around us in the event that decisions need to be taken on our behalf. 

Take action to get it sorted

“We all have thoughts about how we would like to live our lives, so it’s important to tell those close to us our wishes and to take action to get POA sorted. I would advise everyone to get their POA organised early. It’s like a will, everyone needs one.”

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Find out more about Power of Attorney 

Some people may be eligible for a free service.

20 Nov 2019