Information for Midlothian businesses

Here is a message from our economic development team in the wake of the financial packages announcements to support businesses in the wake of the Coronavirus.

Government pledges

A £350bn financial package has been unveiled to support businesses across the UK with £330bn of the support being in the form of loans.

Details to be announced

The Scottish Government has announced a £320m package of support to Scottish Businesses that would reduce or delay rates payments as well as the introduction of a £3k grant scheme. Details on how to access this grant have yet to be announced however guidance received to date has recommended businesses record the volume and value of cancellations as they are received as this information will be required for any applications.

We are here to help

Midlothian Council’s Economic Development and Business Gateway teams are continuing to support businesses in the region by email and telephone and updating social media feeds with partner information and updates as they receive them.

Useful advice

Key guidance:

  • Contact your existing lender, ask for favourable terms on your repayments or for a payment holiday if that is available.
  • Contact your business insurance provider and enquire as to the business interruption cover you have with your policy.
  • Follow Business Gateway Midlothian and Midlothian Council on Social Media or regularly check the websites for updates.
  • Take advantage of the many articles on our feeds that can help to guide you, such as this checklist from The Federation of Small Business.
  • Call the helplines that have been set up to support businesses such Scottish Enterprise on 0300 303 0660 & the HMRC helpline for all tax related matters 0800 0159 559.

Real resilience

On a positive note, we are seeing a real resilience in the business community and in how they are creatively adapting service delivery to online and safe delivery methods, in some cases diversifying product ranges to reach a new markets that will feed into their longer term objectives.

Working with communities

If you are thinking about changing the way you do something, Business Gateway can help you clarify and implement your idea. Additionally, we are seeing a strengthening between businesses and local community, coming together to ensure that the elderly and vulnerable are able to access what they need, with volunteer numbers increasing to support this. 

Get in touch

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18 Mar 2020