Hardship fund for the newly self-employed

Newly self-employed people who are suffering hardship during the current Covid-19 crisis can now apply for grant funding.

Access support

The fund is for those who became self-employed on or after 6 April 2019 and were actively trading up to March 2020, and who have not been able to access support through other schemes.


To be eligible, applicants must not be in receipt of working age benefits or have access to sufficient savings or other sources of income to meet basic needs. They must also have taken steps to limit their outgoings.

Support fund

Newly self-employed people in Midlothian can apply to Midlothian Council for the grant, which is part of a £34 million support fund recently announced by the Scottish Government.

Scheme welcomed

Council Leader, Councillor Derek Milligan welcomed the launch of the new support scheme. “Many people who have recently become self-employed are suffering financial difficulties,” said Councillor Milligan. “This is because they were excluded from the initial UK Government support scheme or because they don’t have other support or the funds they need to survive. This funding is intended to relieve that hardship, with £2,000 grants available to those eligible.”

How to apply

30 Apr 2020