Council Leader congratulates local design engineer who is only UK finalist in global challenge to invent new ventilator

Ross Hunter, ArmadillaMidlothian Council Leader Derek Milligan has congratulated a locally based design engineer who is the only UK finalist in a global challenge to invent a new ventilator to help Covid-19 sufferers.

Midlothian based

Ross Hunter (pictured) is chief executive of Armadilla Ltd, a Midlothian-based business manufacturing outdoor living pods and garden offices. He has now successfully turned his expertise to help those suffering with coronavirus as part of the CoVent-19 Challenge by designing his CORE Vent prototype ventilator.


Mr Hunter is one of just seven finalists from more than 200 entries and over 40 countries, and the only one shortlisted to be based outside north or south America. He was the only individual entrant to reach the finals and is up against teams from such places as Stanford University.

Tremendous achievement

On behalf of Midlothian Council, Councillor Milligan congratulated Mr Hunter on his tremendous achievement.

“To be the only UK finalist in this global challenge is a tremendous accolade for Ross and ultimately has the potential to save countless lives,” said Councillor Milligan. “In developing a mechanical ventilator which could be produced and distributed at low cost, this could play a key role in helping mitigate the devastating impact coronavirus is having across the world.


“I am delighted that the engineering, design and manufacturing expertise that has made Armadilla an award-winning local company has been turned to this urgent and vital task, and we all wish Ross and his team every success in taking his design forward.”


Mr Hunter, who is also head of design and development at Armadilla, decided to enter the CoVent 19 Challenge when his company went into lockdown. Over a period of just three weeks, working on his own, he developed the prototype and 3D models for his CORE Vent product.

Next stage

The next stage of the challenge is to refine the ventilator and submit working prototypes by 21 June, with the winning design being announced shortly after that date.

13 May 2020