Message from Council Leader Councillor Derek Milligan

I would like to thank all of those who are following the guidelines and sticking to the rules put in place to protect our most vulnerable residents from this killer virus.  It is because of you we are moving in the right direction and reducing the rate of infections in our county resulting in Midlothian moving to tier 2 restrictions on Tuesday 24 November.

Hope with vaccine breakthroughs

Each day we are hearing about the great advances being made in the production of effective vaccines the implementation of which will be key to our lives returning to normal.  Medical experts are becoming more and more confident that these vaccines will be available in the very near future and this is why it is so important that we all stick to the restrictions aimed at minimising the spread and in so doing, save lives.

Help protect our most vulnerable

It is increasingly likely that we will see some return to normality in the coming months.  How sad it would be if, in the interim, thousands of lives were needlessly lost because we failed to continue to abide by the restrictions for few weeks more, to protect our most vulnerable friends and neighbours.

Keep to the rules

Let’s stick together, keep to the rules and save lives.

19 Nov 2020