Ministers say plans to close Glencorse Primary can go ahead

Parents, carers, staff and pupils have been informed after Scottish Ministers agreed Midlothian Council can go ahead with plans to close Glencorse Primary School in Penicuik.

Closing at end of June

Preparations are now underway to close the school on 25 June 2021.

Supports in place

The council will continue to support children, parents, staff and members of the community who will feel a sense of loss from the decision to shut the school.

Selecting alternative schools

The focus now is on supporting existing pupils and parents in their selection of alternative schools for August 2021, making sure safe routes to those schools are in place and there is a smooth transition to their new school.

Help for staff

The council will also make sure alternative work arrangements are in place for staff at Glencorse and will support staff in making those moves. 

Follows a public consultation

In January and after a public consultation, councillors agreed to close Glencorse after hearing the small number of pupils attending the school will benefit from a wider range of learning opportunities at nearby schools with more children of their own age and stage.

Choice of Mauricewood or Roslin

Remaining pupils will be given the choice of going to Mauricewood or Roslin Primary schools as will the families of younger children living in the current catchment when they become school age.

Scottish Ministers' decision

The Scottish Ministers had eight weeks from the date of that final decision on 19 January to decide if they would call-in the proposal. The legislation allows for anyone to make representations to Scottish Ministers within three weeks of the decision to close the school. In a letter to the council, Scottish Ministers confirmed the decision not to call-in the proposal and to allow the council to close the school. 

17 Mar 2021