Opportunity for council tenants to swap their home

Are you a council tenant looking for a change of housing? Have you considered a mutual exchange? This is a way for council and housing association tenants to find a move by swapping homes with one another. Swaps can be made locally or even to another part of the country.


Midlothian Council offers grants to encourage moves to meet needs. There is a grant of £250 to any Midlothian Council tenant who moves to another property as the result of a mutual exchange. Tenants who move to a smaller property owned by the council can also apply for a grant payment where tenants living in under-occupied situations are able to downsize and release family sized housing.  

House Exchange

The council works in partnership with 'House Exchange' to facilitate mutual exchanges. They help to establish introductions between tenants who wish to move. To find a swap please go to: www.houseexchange.org.uk. There is an off-line registration area for those who do not have access to the internet. Please speak to our housing team on 0131 271 3394 if you require assistance.

Landlord permission

Once you find a swap, you have to apply for permission from both landlords and a separate application must be completed by each tenant involved in the exchange. 

Free and exciting service

Cllr Stephen Curran, Midlothian Cabinet Member for Housing said:

"The House Exchange service is free to our tenants. It is an easy to use and exciting way for our tenants to move home. Finding a mutual exchange through this service means you can avoid a potentially long wait for a housing transfer. I'd encourage any of our tenants who are seeking a move to consider this service. In the past we've even had tenants use this service to move to different parts of the country - so it can offer life changing opportunities." 

More information

All forms and detailed information explaining how Mutual Exchange works, is available on the Midlothian Council website (www.midlothian.gov.uk) if you search under ‘Mutual Exchange’ or ‘Swap your home’. You can also contact Housing Services on 0131 271 3394 or email housing.enquiries@midlothian.gov.uk.

14 Feb 2022