Mid Mouse poetry prize winners announced

Mid Mouse poem

The birthday of Bonnyrigg Primary P6 pupil Sophie Dawson turned into a double celebration when she took the top prize in a Midlothian wide poetry competition.

Friendly mouse

Sophie’s poem about a friendly mouse won the birthday girl a chocolate Easter egg, presented to her by her acting head teacher, Caroline Findlay.

Runners up

Runners up were Bonnyrigg Primary P6 pupil Lucas Calvin, also pictured, along with Emma Hannah, who is in P7 at Lawfield Primary.

A birthday bonus

Sophie said she “didn’t know what to think” when she heard her poem was the winner but she agreed it was lovely to win on her birthday.

Pals for all P1s

The competition is part of Midlothian Council’s early years’ initiative to give every new P1 pupil their very own Mid Mouse, a woolly pocket pal to help them settle into school.

Community answered the call

Last year, residents and community groups answered the council’s call to knit the mice. With thousands of the cute pets submitted, some even coming from as far afield as Australia, the team had more than enough for this year’s intake. 

Overwhelming success

Principal Teacher Emma Scafe, who organised the project with her colleague Jacqueline Matthew, said: “Last year was such a success we thought it would be great to invite the older primary pupils to come up with a poem about a mouse and the support they can give you.

Well done

“We’d like to thank everyone again who took the time to knit and crochet the mice – the children love knowing they can take their own unique mouse to school at what can be a nerve wracking time.
“Thanks too to all the pupils who submitted poems. We loved reading them.”

8 Apr 2022