Council faces major budget challenge

With an estimated budget gap of £12.98 million in the next financial year, rising to £25.05 million by 2027, Midlothian Council Leader Councillor Kelly Parry is warning that the council’s budget challenge is the most daunting she’s seen in her seven years as a councillor.

Funding levels

"Demand for council services continues to rise and the level of funding we receive from the Scottish and UK Governments cannot cover the services we currently provide,” said Councillor Parry. “Add to the mix the financial pressures of recovering from the pandemic, rising energy prices, high inflation, population growth and the cost of living crisis, and it’s clear to see that our budget challenge is all the more pressing.

Radical change

“The council will now need to focus its resources where they are needed most,” added Councillor Parry. “We will have to radically change the way we deliver some services and in some cases we may have to stop delivering them altogether.”

Working on proposals

“While we are ambitious for Midlothian’s future, we must also be realistic about the extent of the challenge that now faces us, and what this could mean for our communities. Council officers are urgently working with councillors across all party groupings to bring forward budget proposals, with a special council meeting planned to discuss these in January.”

Find out more

You can read more about the severe financial constraints the council is facing and find out how to leave comments and suggestions on our budget challenge page 

15 Dec 2022