Trees planted across Midlothian as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy

Tree planting at Callander Park Pathhead as part of Queen's green Canopy initiativeOak trees in parks across Midlothian will be among more than a million trees planted in Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s name across the UK as part of The Queen’s Green Canopy.

Platinum Jubilee

Trees are being planted in Roslin Park, Callander Park in Pathhead, Viewbank Park, Bonnyrigg and Arniston Park, Gorebridge to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Special ceremony

Vice Lord-Lieutenant Sarah Barron and Deputy Lieutenants Henry Duncan and Harriet Dalrymple all attended a special ceremony on behalf of the Lord-Lieutenant Richard Callander, at Callander Park in Pathhead on Wednesday (21 December) to mark the official planting of an oak tree.

Community Council

Chair of Tynewater Community Council Myrtle Pont attended with other community councillors, along with members of Midlothian Council’s Land and Countryside team, who did the planting work.

Living legacy

Vice Lord-Lieutenant Sarah Barron said: “The Queen’s Green Canopy creates a living legacy to Her Majesty’s long and dedicated reign and I am delighted that Midlothian’s communities are joining with others across the country to play their part in this fitting commemoration of the late Queen’s life and work.”


Deputy Lieutenant Henry Duncan added: “We’re delighted that by taking part in this nationwide initiative, Midlothian is helping create a lasting tribute to Her Majesty’s service to her country and her people.”


His words were echoed by Deputy Lieutenant Harriet Dalrymple who also said: “How much more important the late Queen’s Green Canopy is going to be in light of the new scientific evidence that trees and forests lock twice as much planet warming carbon than previously thought.”

Focal point

Community Council Chair, Myrtle Pont added: “The Tynewater Community Council look forward to this special tree becoming a focal point for the local community to enjoy for many years to come.”


The cost of planting the tree is being met from Midlothian Council’s environmental funds, which are allocated to support local projects supported by members in their wards.  

Planting season

The Queen’s Green Canopy was due to conclude in December 2022 – the end of the Jubilee year. However, as the official tree planting season in the United Kingdom is from October to March, the initiative will now be extended to include the full planting season, which began in October 2022 and will end in March 2023. It is hoped that other groups and individuals in Midlothian, will still find time to plant a tree.


In the picture, from left at the rear are: John Birrell, Dave Magee and Ross Taylor, Midlothian Council Land and Countryside. Front left: Henry Duncan, Deputy Lieutenant, Harriet Dalrymple, Deputy Lieutenant and Sarah Barron, Vice Lord-Lieutenant. On the right, L-R: Bob Miller, Myrtle Pont, Mark Whitham and John Orr, Tynewater Community Council.

22 Dec 2022