Council publishes savings proposals

Midlothian Council has published savings proposals to be considered by councillors at a special meeting of the full Council on Tuesday 31 January. 

Budget gap

The proposals are to help bridge a projected budget gap of £14.481 million rising to £26.575 million by 2027/28.

No decisions made

Council Leader Councillor Kelly Parry said no decisions will be made ahead of Tuesday 21 February when the full Council will meet again to set a balanced budget.

Radical cuts proposed

However, she warned the council faces radical cuts and changes to the way it delivers services.

Huge impact on communities and staff

Cllr Parry said: “We’ve never faced this scale of cuts before and we’re having to consider taking very, very unpalatable decisions we know will have a huge impact on our communities and our staff.

Statutory duty

“However, we must, by law, set a balanced budget.”

Government funding doesn't cover services provided

Cllr Parry said demand for council services continues to rise and the level of funding the council receives from the Scottish and UK Government cannot cover the services currently provided. 

Under pressure

Financial pressures of recovering from the pandemic, rising energy prices, high inflation, population growth and the cost of living crisis, have added to the council’s budget challenge.

Cllr Parry stressed councillors will consider the views of the public before the budget is set. 

Many thanks for giving your views

She said: “More than 500 local people and organisations have already responded when we asked what matters most to you, your family and your community in December and January.

Councillors will consider them

“We are going through all of your comments and suggestions so many thanks to everyone who took the time to respond.”

Formal consultation coming

A formal consultation on the specific savings proposals will be launched after the special meeting on Tuesday 31 January. 

Can give feedback now

However, if you would like to give feedback beforehand you can do so at:

20 Jan 2023