Inspections of building work

Health and Safety

Before doing or having building work carried out, you must consider your health and safety responsibilities. If you are unsure of these responsibilities, seek the help of a building professional.

You can find more information from the Health and Safety Executive:

Protecting the public

The work on your site must follow good Health and Safety practices. Examples of good practices include:

  • Providing protective works where necessary to prevent danger, such as:
    • footpaths,
    • hoardings, barriers or fences,
    • handrails,
    • steps or ramps, and
    • large overhead coverings.
  • Any footpaths next to your site are regularly cleaned and kept free of mud, dust or building debris.
  • If your building is partly constructed, or is complete but unoccupied, it is properly secured against unauthorised entry.

Site inspections

When our surveyors are undertaking site inspections, they follow Midlothian Building Standards Health and Safety guidance. This guidance requires that each surveyor risk assesses the work, and the suitability of the methods used.

Where surveyors have safety concerns, they can refuse to undertake an inspection. If this occurs, surveyors will immediately raise their concerns with those present on site.