Apply for planning permission

Service update

Please submit planning applications and pre-application enquiries online rather than on paper if possible.

The Planning Authority also strongly encourages electronic payment of planning application fees.

Paper submissions and non-electronic payments will take much longer for the Planning Authority to register under our new working arrangements. The Planning Authority will likely write to you to request an agreement to extend the time period to determine the planning application. This is a precautionary measure and will not necessarily mean that there will be a delay.

We appreciate your assistance.

Submit your planning application online using the service. website button

The website also allows you to download the relevant application forms if you prefer to apply by post.

Notification of commencement and completion

If you get planning permission You must tell us when you begin work on site and when you have completed work. You do this by returning the notification of initiation of development form (PDF) and the notification of completion of development form (PDF).

Privacy and copyright

Our privacy statement details how we store and process your information.

We will not publish sensitive information such as personal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, or personal medical information. For further information about this, please read our redaction policy (PDF).

Plans and drawings submitted with your application are subject to copyright.