Cycling in Midlothian

Cycling to school

In Midlothian both primary and secondary school pupils are actively encouraged to cycle to and from school.

Measures and initiatives include:

  • Installation of cycle lanes where appropriate
  • Cycle and scooter parking provision at schools
  • Route maps showing recommended safe routes to school
  • Participation in Bike Week - events include 'Bling Your Bike' where pupils decorate their bike or scooter and 'Ticket to Ride' where pupils receive raffle tickets for cycling going into an end of week prize draw for cycle prizes
  • Bikeability Cycle Training - Level 2 participated in by primary 6 pupils with some schools additionally offering Levels 1 and / or 3
  • Bike Days - Popular at secondary schools and include workstations which pupils move around covering maintenance, road safety, route planning, etc.
  • Secondary School Cycle Clubs - Beeslack and Lasswade High Schools offer extra-curricular cycle clubs and Penicuik High School is also in the process of establishing this. Cycling is also offered in the curriculum (PE) at some secondary schools.
  • 14 Midlothian Primary schools have achieved the Cycle Friendly Schools Award issued by Cycling Scotland. These schools are Rosewell, Lasswade, Strathesk, Cornbank, Gorebridge, Paradykes, St Mary's, King's Park, St Luke's, Cuiken, Sacred Heart, and Saltersgate. Saltersgate is the first Additional Support Needs school in Scotland to achieve the award. Beeslack, Lasswade, and Penicuik High Schools have achieved the Cycle Friendly Secondary Schools Award. More schools plan to take part in the awards scheme soon.
  • Cycling is promoted at at parent consultation events with Junior Road Safety Officers promoting in school through assemblies, competitions, and notice boards.