Development guidelines for streets

National Roads Development Guide

A new National (Scottish) Roads Development Guide (PDF) for streets has been developed.

Whilst we adopt this, there are some local variations. We have revised our standard drawings to accommodate them. These guidelines and drawings will evolve as we gain experience of new street layouts.

Early meetings

In this period of transition, it is important that early meetings are set up with transportation representatives before any design takes place.

The new policy

In the meantime refer to the government policy itself for guidance. The most radical changes are in:

Other new policy and guidance includes:

Other standards you will still need

Three parts of our previous Development Standards for Roads still apply in this transition period. These are:

Please also refer to:

Embrace the whole ethos

Initial concerns are that the road safety and traffic management of these new road layouts depends on both achieving target 20mph traffic speeds and the traffic permeability throughout the development, into adjacent developed land, and onto the existing road network.

In order to achieve these aims a collaboration of measures will be needed. Therefore we will be wary of designs that do not embrace the whole ethos.

Existing streets and transition from old to new

Any improvements to existing streets should be considered carefully, as these areas may not be designed in the same way.

Likewise the transition from existing to new streets should also be considered.

Trunk roads

Trunk Roads are still subject to these standards:

It may be necessary to refer to the Trunk Road standards for developments on or near Trunk Roads, and/or Local Authority busy commuter routes.