Parking tickets

Notice to Owner and Charge Certificates

Unpaid parking tickets

If you have received a Notice to Owner then your vehicle has an unpaid parking ticket. Please do not ignore the notice as this could result in an increase to the charge. If you are unsure why it has been issued please write to us.

Notice to owners are sent directly to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

You can either pay the £100 parking ticket or write to us and formally challenge the ticket.

Notice of Acceptance or Rejection

If your ticket is cancelled a Notice of Acceptance will be sent to you.

If your challenge is unsuccessful you will be sent a Notice of Rejection.

If you do not agree with our decision find out how to appeal a Notice of Rejection on website.

A parking adjudicator will make the final decision.

Receipt of a Charge Certificate

You will be sent a Charge Certificate if you haven't paid a parking ticket or made an appeal after the issue of the notice to owner.

This states that you have 14 days to pay your ticket and it has now increased to £150.

If you don't pay at this stage, we will instruct sheriff officers to recover the charge. This also means that you can no longer submit an appeal to the adjudicator. 

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