Instrumental music tuition at school


We offer tuition on the following instruments in all our Secondary Schools.

Check what instruments are available in our primary schools on availability by school in the table below.

Instruments in groups

  • Woodwind
    • Flute
    • Clarinet
    • Saxophone
    • Oboe/Bassoon (limited access)
  • Brass
    • Cornet/Trumpet
    • Trombone
    • Tenor Horn/French Horn
    • Baritone/Euphonium
    • Tuba
  • Upper Strings
    • Violin/Viola 
  • Lower Strings
    • Cello/Viola
    • Double Bass (String)
  • Piano
  • Percussion 
    • Drum Kit
    • Orchestral Percussion
    • Tuned Percussion
  • Guitar (classical, bass and electric)
  • Clarsach (Penicuik only)
  • Voice (available for SQA pupils only)

Instrument availability by school

Instrument availability by school
School Instruments offered
All secondary schools Brass, Woodwind, Strings, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Voice
(Penicuik HS also offer Clarsach)
Bilston PS Upper Strings, Woodwind
Bonnyrigg PS Brass, Upper Strings, Woodwind
Burnbrae PS Brass, Woodwind
Cornbank PS Clarsach, Upper Strings, Woodwind
Cuiken PS Brass, Upper & Lower Strings
Danderhall PS Brass
Gore Glen PS Upper & Lower Strings
Gorebridge PS Brass, Woodwind
Hawthornden PS Brass, Woodwind
King’s Park PS Upper & Lower Strings, Woodwind
Lasswade PS Upper & Lower Strings
Lawfield PS Brass
Loanhead PS Brass
Mauricewood PS Upper & Lower Strings
Mayfield PS Brass
Moorfoot PS Woodwind
Newtongrange PS Brass, Upper Strings
Paradykes PS Brass, Woodwind
Rosewell PS Brass
Roslin PS Brass, Woodwind
Sacred Heart PS Brass, Clarsach
St Andrews PS Brass, Upper Strings, Woodwind
St David’s PS Brass, Lower Strings, Woodwind
St Luke’s PS Brass, Upper Strings
St Margarets PS Brass
St Mary’s PS Woodwind
St Mathew’s PS Brass
Stobhill PS Brass, Woodwind
Strathesk PS Brass, Upper Strings, Woodwind
Tynewater PS Brass
Woodburn PS Upper Strings, Woodwind