Planning enforcement

Report a breach of planning control

A breach of planning control may be an unauthorised change of use of land or buildings, or work being carried out without planning permission. Use our planning application search facility to check if an activity has planning permission.

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Some minor building operations are what is called "permitted development". The planning authority cannot intervene in such cases. If you would like more information about this, then the Scottish Government website provides a guide to householder permitted development.

Report a breach of planning control if you are satisfied that the operations in question are unauthorised and are not permitted development.

Report a breach of planning control (PDF Form)

You must give your telephone number and email address when making an enquiry. This is so we can contact you to inform you of the progress of the enquiry. In rare cases we may accept anonymous enquiries. Contact the planning helpdesk for further information on this matter.

We aim to acknowledge all enquiries within 5 working days.

The Planning Enforcement Charter fully explains our planning enforcement powers.

Download the Planning Enforcement Charter (PDF)


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