Development plans and policies

The current development plan for Midlothian

The current development plan for Midlothian is made up of two plans:

  • The Midlothian Local Development Plan, adopted 7 November 2017.
  • National Planning Framework for Scotland 4, adopted 13 February 2023. 

National Planning Framework for Scotland 4

What is the Midlothian Local Development Plan?

The 2017 Midlothian Local Development Plan sets out the development strategy for Midlothian.  It sets out the detailed policies used to determine planning applications in Midlothian.  

The 2017 Local Development Plan

Midlothian Local Development Plan interactive map

Action Programme 2017, updated 2020

The Action Programme is a list of actions required to deliver each of the policies and proposals in the Midlothian Local Development Plan. It also identifies appropriate parties or organisations to carry out these actions, and provides an indicative timescale. The original Action Programme is from 2017, and was updated in 2020 (approved by Council 2021).

MLDP Action Programme 2017, updated 2020

Development Plan Scheme

Development Plan Scheme 16 (DPS16) was approved by Midlothian Council Planning Committee in April 2024.  It contains the timetable for preparing Local Development Plan 2 and a Participation Statement setting out the council's proposed engagement activities.

Development Plan Scheme 16

Your comments on the Development Plan Scheme

If you have comments to make on DPS16, including the timetable and the Participation Statement, please let us know through the online survey, available by clicking on the box below.  We will consider these in preparing future development plan schemes.

Development Plan Scheme Engagement