Development plans and policies

The proposed Midlothian Local Development Plan

The Midlothian Local Development Plan (MLDP) will replace the Midlothian Local Plan (2008). The new plan will be based upon the current Strategic Development Plan.

You can inspect the proposed plan and its related maps entirely online.

View the proposed Midlothian Local Development Plan

View the proposed MLDP maps

The Proposed Plan was open to comment from 14 May 2015 to 26 June 2015. These comments were reported to the Council in May 2016. This plan was submitted to Scottish Ministers on 9 September 2016 along with a request that Ministers appoint a person to examine the unresolved representations made in respect of the Proposed Plan. 

The Scottish Government's Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) has now concluded the examination into the Proposed Plan. The Report of Examination contains summaries of the representations made to the plan as well as the reporters' recommendations.

Report of Examination into the MLDP

Scottish Government DPEA case information

The Council will consider what changes to make to the Proposed Plan in the light of the Report of Examination, before proceeding to adopt the Midlothian Local Development Plan later in the year.

Development Plan Scheme (DPS)

The Development Plan Scheme for Midlothian sets out the programme and participation statement for preparing, reviewing and consulting on both the Strategic Development Plan (SDP) and the Midlothian Local Development Plan (MLDP). This document is produced annually and Development Plan Scheme No.9 is the current one.

View the Development Plan Scheme No. 9

The Council is about to begin the second Local Development Plan for Midlothian. In order that we can improve our public engagement activities, please use the attached survey to give us your views.

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