Development plans and policies

Approved Supplementary Guidance


The Midlothian Local Development Plan includes the commitment to produce Supplementary Guidance on a range of topic areas, which provide additional detail to policies in the plan. Following public consultation on drafts of the Supplementary Guidance, the feedback is reported to the Planning Committee with an amended draft and approval sought.

Green Network Supplementary Guidance

This supplementary guidance sets out where the Green Network can be improved and extended, particularly in areas where significant new development is planned. 

The Green Network includes parks, woodland, hedges, verges, footpaths, cycleways, rivers, ponds and lakes. It provides space for people and wildlife, improving the quality of the environment in and around our towns and villages.

Green Network Supplementary Guidance

Special Landscape Area Supplementary Guidance

This supplementary guidance provides details of the seven Special Landscape Areas (SLAs) identified in Midlothian through the adoption of the Midlothian Local Development Plan (2017). These areas are:

  • Pentland Hills
  • North Esk Valley
  • South Esk Valley and Carrington farmland
  • Gladhouse Reservoir and Moorfoot Scarp
  • Tyne Water Valley
  • Fala Moor
  • Fala rolling farmland and policies

For each of the SLAs the supplementary guidance provides a Statement of Importance. The purpose of these is to:

  • identify the location of the SLA;
  • provide an overview of why the area is designated as a special landscape area;
  • provide a description of the landscape qualities of the designated area;
  • provide a justification of the chosen boundaries;
  • set out factors to be considered in the preparation and assessment of development proposals; and
  • help inform the application of the Midlothian Local Development Plan's policy framework in the assessment of development proposals.

The supplementary guidance provides background information on the Midlothian Areas of Great Landscape Value (AGLV) which were replaced by the Special Landscape Areas. The supplementary guidance also provides a copy of the review of the Midlothian Areas of Great Landscape Value undertaken in 2012. This helped inform the identification of the Special Landscape Areas in the production of the Midlothian Local Development Plan.

Special Landscape Areas Supplementary Guidance

Resource Extraction Supplementary Guidance

The MLDP set out the framework for assessing minerals applications, providing additional detail for policy MIN2: Surface Mineral Extraction.

Resource Extraction Supplementary Guidance

Food & Drink and Other Non-Retail Uses in Town Centres Supplementary Guidance

This supplementary guidance aims to ensure that food and drink and other non-retail uses do not compromise the amenity, environment and functioning of Midlothian's town centres. In addition, it provides guidance in respect to food and drink uses and hot food takeaways outwith town centres.

Food & Drink and Other Non-Retail Uses in Town Centres Supplementary Guidance