Universal Credit

Housing Costs element removed for young people

Since 1 April 2017, under Universal Credit Full Service, the Housing Costs element is not paid to certain renters aged at least 18 but under 22.

If you are single, under 22, and receive Universal Credit, you must check if this rule applies to you before taking on any tenancy agreement.

Exemptions where this regulation does not apply:

  • Responsible for a child or qualifying young person.
  • In temporary homeless accommodation.
  • Unable to live with their parents because there is no parent, or neither parent lives in Great Britain.
  • In the opinion of the DWP, it is inappropriate for the claimant to live with each of their parents including (but not limited to) in circumstances where there would be a serious risk to the claimant's physical or mental health, or the claimant would suffer significant harm.
  • The claimant's expected number of hours per week is more than 16 hours, but less than 35 hours.
  • Domestic violence has been inflicted on or threatened against the claimant by the claimant's partner, former partner or by a family member.
  • The claimant is currently entitled to Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Costs element.
  • It does not apply for 6 months if the claimant was working for the previous 6 consecutive months with earned income earning the National Minimum Wage for at least 16 hours per week.

If you are under 22 and cannot claim Housing Costs from Universal Credit, you can claim help using The Scottish Welfare Fund application for housing costs (PDF).