Register a birth

Births in Scotland

Births, by law, must be registered within 21 days.

Births that have taken place in Scotland can be registered in any Scottish registration office:

  • To register outwith Midlothian please check that council’s website for details
  • To register in Midlothian you must arrange an appointment with our registration office

Arrange a birth registration appointment

Use our form to tell us the birth details then we will contact you to arrange a time to meet with you.

Complete birth registration details

Married or civil partner parents

Only one parent needs to attend and can register details for both parents.

Unmarried parents

If both parents' details are to be included then both must attend.

The mother may register the birth on her own if she does not want the father or other parent's name included.

Parental Responsibilities and Rights (PRRs)

PRRs for the child are automatically given to both parents if registered together and can only be removed by order of a court.

Documents to bring

You should bring:

  • The card issued by the hospital showing baby's details (sex, date and time of birth)
  • Parents' marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate (if applicable)
  • If not married and father or parent's details are to be entered:  proof of parents' ID - either birth certificates, passports or driving licences

After registration

When registration is complete the Registrar will give you these documents:

  • Abbreviated extract of the birth entry (free)
  • EC58 form for the medical centre (free)

You can also purchase full extract(s) for the statutory fee at your appointment. Extracts can be purchased at any time.

For more information please visit the National Records of Scotland website.