Registrar fees

There is a non-refundable booking fee of £55.00 for civil marriage and civil partnership ceremonies. This must be paid within 14 days of making a booking. Payment can be:

  • in cash
  • by debit or credit card
  • or by cheque (payable to Midlothian Council).

All fees include the statutory fees set by the Registrar General for Scotland. These include:

  • £30 per marriage notice (M10)
  • and £10 for marriage certificate.

If you are having a religious or belief ceremony, you must pay the statutory fee plus any fee due to the celebrant conducting your ceremony.

If you decide to cancel the ceremony after lodging all the paperwork with the registration office, we will only refund the cost of the marriage certificate.

Registrar fees
Marriage/Civil Partnership Cost
Statutory Fees payable £70.00
Civil Marriage/Civil Partnership in office (ceremony) - no guests (Monday to Friday) £125.00
Civil Marriage/Civil Partnership in registrar's office (Monday to Friday) £260.00
Civil Marriage in registrar's office (Saturday) £305.00
Civil Marriage/Civil Partnership in other venue (Monday to Saturday) £380.00
Civil Marriage/Civil Partnership in other venue (Sunday or Public Holiday) £440.00
Civil Partnership conversion to Same Sex Marriage £30.00
Location Assessment (for non-approved venues) £55.00
Marriage and Civil Partnership rehearsals Cost
During office hours rehearsal in our Ceremony Room £55.00
Outwith office hours rehearsal at your ceremony venue £115.00
Certificates Cost
Full extract of Birth, Death, Marriage or Civil Partnership requested at the time of registration £10.00
Baby naming and renewal of vows ceremonies Cost
Non-religious service that our celebrants will perform at your ceremony venue £263.00
Citizenship Cost
An individual ceremony outwith the monthly ceremony in Fairfield House £65.00

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