Social media

More about our conduct

Political neutrality

We, as opposed to the council's political administration, must be politically neutral in our communications. Therefore, please do not use any of our pages to promote party political messages or other content. Any comments which we believe may compromise our obligation to remain politically neutral will be removed.


If you have a concern about something posted on a page that the council is responsible for, you should contact us.

Our approach to connections on social media

There is no fixed approach on who we will have in our network, but as a guide, we share information we think will be of interest to you. Therefore, our connections may include the profiles of the following:

  • Midlothian councillors or any other politician commenting on matters of interest
  • Public, private and voluntary sector partner organisations
  • Community organisations and campaigning groups
  • Media and journalists
  • Any other commentators or opinion formers we may want to follow


We do not endorse any individual or organisation merely because a social media connection is created, regardless of the terms used by social media providers such as 'follow' or 'like'.


Once connected, we will not remove a profile from our network unless there is some overÔÇÉriding reason to do so; for example, because it poses a significant and material risk to our reputation and credibility.

Privacy and data protection

No messages should include private or personal information and we reserve the right to remove posts that breach this rule.