Educational Psychology

Counselling for 10-18 year-olds

Are you worried about the mental health of someone aged 10-18 years in your care?

Our partner agency MYPAS (Midlothian Young People’s Advice Service) offers counselling for people in the 10-18 age group, whether or not they are in education or training.

How to get support

Parents and carers of primary-age children (P6 and P7) can contact the head teacher of their child's school to get a referral. 

In secondary schools, supported self-referrals by young people are managed by guidance teams.

Young people can go to MYPAS directly if:

  • they are not at a local authority school
  • or they have left school
  • or they do not want the referral to go through the Education service.

Must have child's consent

The child or young person can only be referred with their consent.