Ready to rent homes

The council may have homes available to rent because:

  • there are no suitable applicants on the waiting list for this type of property in a specific area.
  • the house has been refused more than twice.

List of ready to rent homes

Homes will be listed here as they become available. You can register with the Allocations Team (see below) to get alerts when homes become available.

How to apply

  1. Complete an application form (PDF).
  2. We will process your application, and send you an acknowledgement letter.
  3. You may now register a note of interest in a property.
  4. Contact the Allocations Team quoting the address(es) you are interested in, saying you have seen it on the ready to rent now list.

Note: You can put your name forward for as many houses as you wish, so long as the house meets your needs.


There will be circumstances where we may not be able to take a note of interest in a property from you, including if it:

  • is too big or too small for your needs
  • is sheltered and you are not aged 60 years or over
  • does not meet any medical recommendation on your application

What happens next

We will only contact you if we are offering you housing, or if we need more information.

Note: If there is more than one applicant, we will allocate the property to the applicant with the highest number of points. The Allocation Policy (PDF) explains the points system. The list of interested applicants will be held, and if the property is refused, we will allocate it to the next applicant from the list.