Apply for a council house

How to apply for council housing

Midlothian Council operates a common housing register in partnership with Melville Housing Association. This means you only need to complete one form to be housed by either the Council or Melville Housing Association.

To apply for council housing you should download and complete a Housing Application Form. The same form can be used to apply for all properties including specialist housing.

Completed forms should be returned to the address at the end of this page.


Please ensure you sign the form before returning it to us. If you are joint applicants you must both sign the form.

What happens next?

We aim to process to your application within 28 days of receipt, but it may take longer if we need to ask you for more information.

Your application will be processed in accordance with our Housing Allocation Policy. The date we receive your application and any supporting evidence will be the day that you join the housing waiting list.

We will write to you each year to check you still wish to remain on the waiting list and that your circumstances remain the same. It is important you return the review letter, otherwise your application may be cancelled.

Change in circumstances

You must tell us if you circumstances change by completing a change of circumstance form.  You can also use this form if you wish to change your application at any time.

Things you must tell us about include:

  • moving house or any other change of address
  • having a baby
  • other changes to your household

We aim to process change of circumstance forms within 28 days of receipt, but it may take longer if we need to ask you for more information.

Medical Needs Assessments.

Midlothian Council aims to help people who have a health or housing need to move to a property better suited to their needs, or where possible provide adaptations or support to help them remain in their current home. If you wish to request your health/housing needs are assessed you should complete a Medical Needs Assessment Form. This form also tells you the medical and social reasons that medical priority is not given for.

Housing areas

You can choose as many areas as you wish when applying for housing. The housing areas shown on the map of council housing (PDF) are:

  • Auchendinny including Glencorse
  • Bilston
  • Bonnyrigg/Lasswade
  • Carrington
  • Cousland
  • Dalkeith
  • Danderhall
  • Gorebridge
  • Loanhead
  • Mayfield/Easthouses
  • Newtongrange
  • North Middleton
  • Pathhead
  • Penicuik East
  • Penicuik West
  • Poltonhall
  • Roslin
  • Rosewell
  • Temple

Apply for a council house