Swap your home

Mutual exchange

A mutual exchange is a quick way for Council or Housing Association tenants to swap homes with each other. You may choose to swap your home with any other Local Authority or Housing Association tenant.

Before swapping homes you must get written permission from both landlords.

Homeswapper - mutual exchange serviceFinding a property

You can find a property to exchange with using the Homeswapper website. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a Homeswapper account. Homeswapper will search for properties that match your criteria and send you alerts.
  2. When you find a property you are interesting in, contact the other person.
  3. Arrange to view each other's houses.

You may also find a suitable exchange by word of mouth, through friends or family.

Applying for an exchange

If you wish to go ahead with the exchange, you must first apply for permission from both landlords. Each tenant involved in the exchange must complete a separate application.

You may apply for permission in any of these ways:

If you wish to discuss a mutual exchange, contact Housing Services on 0131 271 3394.

Conditions for application for mutual exchange of tenancies

  • Your property must be of a suitable size for the other household, as defined by Midlothian Council's Housing Allocation Policy. The property must also be suitable to any other housing needs of that household.
  • You must not have outstanding rent arrears or other debt associated with your current or any former tenancy.
  • Your property (including garden where applicable) must be of a standard acceptable to Midlothian Council.
  • You may not carry out any further alterations or improvements to the property, or remove any fixtures and fittings after Midlothian Council has completed its inspection.
  • Midlothian Council will make appropriate checks with its Community Safety Team and other partners in relation to any current or previous instances on antisocial behaviour carried out by anyone involved in the exchange.
  • If you intend to exchange with the tenant of another local authority or housing association, you must follow their policies and procedures for mutual exchanges.
  • If the exchange is approved, both households must move into the other property, and must occupy the tenancy for no less than six months from the date of exchange, unless both households seek permission to return to their original properties. All landlords involved in the exchange must agree to this.