Clarification on the music tuition proposals

Council Leader Councillor Derek Milligan is clarifying the position on savings measures around music tuition.

The proposals do not end all music tuition

Midlothian Council Leader, Councillor Derek Milligan said: “The savings measures put forward by officers for consideration by councillors do not scrap all instrumental music tuition.  Pupils will  still get music in schools as part of the normal curriculum. Pupils studying for Higher and Advanced Higher music will continue to receive instrumental music tuition free of charge. However, there will no longer be the opportunity to pay for extra lessons to learn a musical instrument. This part of the music tuition provision is non-statutory and must be seen in the context of the wider funding gap facing Midlothian Council.

Difficult decisions

“We are as devastated as parents and pupils about having to consider a cut to this service. However, this needs to be seen in the context of preserving the core educational and care services Midlothian residents depend on.”

4 Feb 2019