Support for adults with dementia

Planning for future decision making and future care

We can help you think about making plans for the future. It can be helpful to start to discuss your wishes with people around you and record what is important to you.  

Making plans

Power of Attorney

You can ask someone you trust to act on your behalf in the future if you cannot make decisions about your health, welfare and finances. VOCAL can help set this up for you.

Age UK's booklet (PDF) explains more about what a Power of Attorney is.

Anticipatory care planning

Healthcare Improvement Scotland have a toolkit to guide you through the process of creating a plan.

Long term care

We can talk through your options if you think you or the person you care for may need to move home. You may want to move:

  • into sheltered accommodation
  • or closer to friends and family
  • or to residential care.

Whatever your decision, we can help you think about your options. 

Age UK have a range of information including choosing a care home and paying for longer term care.  

Vocal offer a free 45 minute appointment with a financial adviser for carers to discuss the financial impact of long term care, paying for care and future planning.

Call 0131 663 6869, or email to arrange an appointment.

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