Adapt your home for disability

Equipment and adaptations for your home

If you are disabled, live in Midlothian and need support to do everyday tasks at home we may be able to help.

We can provide equipment and adaptations to support you with everyday tasks such as eating healthily, going to the toilet, washing or dressing yourself and staying safe.

If you feel that equipment or an adaptation to your home could help, call us on 0131 271 3900 or apply online.

Apply for adults and older people social care services

One of our team will ask you some questions to find out how we can help.

If you are eligible for support, you will be added to a waiting list - how long you will have to wait depends on how urgent your need is and how many other people are waiting.

One of our team will arrange a time to come and visit you at home. If they think that an adaptation to your house or some equipment could help you, they will talk you through the next steps.

You should be given as much choice as possible about your preferred solution as long as it is feasible, does not add to the cost and meets the outcomes identified by our assessment.

If you no longer need equipment

If you no longer need the equipment please call 0131 529 6300 and we will arrange for someone to collect it from you.