Day care and support

Day centres

Our day centres provide activities and support for people over 65 who feel lonely, isolated, or who have mobility difficulties, or mild to moderate dementia.

Transport is provided, and special transport is available for frailer people.

You may only attend after you are assessed. This is your opportunity to tell us of any difficulties you may have with:

  • looking after yourself
  • remaining independent in the community
  • managing on a day to day basis.

Our staff will consider your information and needs, and tell you how soon we can visit you for an assessment.

We also provide assessments for carers, and anyone who looks after family members, partners or friends, who need help due to illness, disability or old age.

For more options, go to care and support for an elderly person.

What an assessment involves

You can apply directly to your local centre, who can help you with the application form. Your social worker and GP also have access to the form and can help you fill it in.

Find out about our eligibility criteria.

You can also apply online:

Apply for adults and older people social care services

Find a day centre

For more information, contact the Adults and Social Care team.