Day care and support


After we assess your needs, we have to decide which needs we can meet.

Our eligibility criteria

These are based on the Care Act 2014. This helps us to work out the risk of you not gaining or keeping your independence if your needs are not addressed.

It takes into account:

  • Personal safety
  • Ability to carry out personal tasks - such as dressing, personal hygiene, continence management, mobility, help with eating and other daily activities.
  • Participation in community life - socialising, relationships, family etc.
  • Carers - including being able to continue in their caring role

There are 4 bands which describe the seriousness of the risk to independence:

  • Critical
  • Substantial
  • Moderate
  • Low

Who we can help

Resources are limited, and we have to decide which needs should get priority. Therefore the Adults and Community Care Service help those people with needs in the critical or substantial bands.

If your needs are moderate or low, we cannot offer or arrange direct services. But we will give advice and information to help you get help elsewhere.

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