Upcoming Supplementary Guidance

Draft supplementary guidance


The Midlothian Local Development Plan includes the commitment to produce Supplementary Guidance on a range of topic areas, which provide additional detail to policies in the plan. Draft of these documents will be published for public consultation over the next year.

Special Landscape Areas

Special Landscape Areas (SLAs) are areas which are recognised locally as having landscape of value which merit special attention.  Designation as a SLA is intended to help manage these landscapes to maintain and enhance their special character.

The draft supplementary guidance includes the Statements of Importance for each of the seven Special Landscape Areas identified in the Midlothian Local Development Plan 2017.  These statements include information about why the area is being designated, a description of the area’s landscape qualities and what needs to be considered if proposing development in the area.

Special Landscape Areas can be important for their scenic qualities, enjoyment by the public, their cultural qualities and or their naturalness.

Please note:

  • This is a consultation on the draft Special Landscape Areas Supplementary Guidance document, and in particular, the content of the Statements of Importance within the document.
  • It is not a consultation on the boundaries of the Special Landscape Areas. These boundaries were set through the adoption by Midlothian Council of the Midlothian Local Development Plan in November 2017. The boundaries will not be changed as a result of this consultation.

The consultation begins on 24 April and will run for 6 weeks until 6 June 2018.

Draft Special Landscape Areas Supplementary Guidance Portal

Download as pdf:

Draft Special Landscape Areas Supplementary Guidances (pdf)

Green Network Supplementary Guidance

This draft supplementary guidance sets out where the Green Network can be improved and extended, particularly in areas where significant new development is planned. 

The consultation on the draft Green Network Supplementary Guidance closed on Tuesday 3 April.

The Green Network includes:

  • parks
  • woodland
  • hedges
  • verges
  • footpaths
  • cycleways
  • rivers, ponds and lakes. 

It provides space for people and wildlife, improving the quality of the environment in and around our towns and villages.

Green Network Draft Supplementary Guidance Portal

Download as a PDF:

You can view a copy at Fairfield House reception and in all Midlothian libraries.

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