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Consultations on draft supplementary guidance

Draft housing development in the countryside and Green Belt

The Midlothian Local Development Plan (MLDP) sets out those developments which are permissible in the countryside and the Green Belt. These policies state that housing will only be permitted where it is required for the furtherance of an established countryside activity. This is a longstanding policy position that has been included in previous Local Plans with the aim of preventing overdevelopment in rural areas.

The MLDP provides for exceptions to this general position for situations such as developing in the vicinity of existing housing groups, and the conversion of redundant steadings. This draft supplementary guidance outlines some of the detailed matters that will be considered in determining such proposals. The aim of the Council's planning policies is to provide a balance between development and protecting the essential characteristics of the countryside.

This consultation is open until Friday 18 January 2019. Once adopted, this guidance will form part of the Midlothian Local Development Plan, which guides decision making on planning applications.

You can submit responses online:

Draft housing development in the countryside and Green Belt

or in writing to Midlothian Council Planning Service, Fairfield House, 8 Lothian Road, Dalkeith, EH22 3AA.

Previous consultations on draft supplementary guidance

There have been consultations on the following guidance since the adoption of the Midlothian Local Development Plan:

  • Midlothian Green Network
  • Special Landscape Areas
  • Food and Drink
  • Resource Extraction

Following consultation on draft supplementary guidance, amended guidance is reported to the Planning Committee for approval.

Approved supplementary guidance