Arranging a burial

Burial ground charges

Charges from 1 April 2024.

There is a 50% surcharge on all interments taking place on:

  • a Saturday
  • or a Midlothian Council public holiday
  • or after 12:00 noon on a Friday.
Interment charges
Type of interment Charges
Stillborn child No charge
Child under 5 years No charge
Child age 5 up to 18 years No charge
Person over 18 years £1,042.00
Person over 18 years (for interment booked on a Tue, Wed & Thurs before 10:30am) £839.00
Casket of ashes £358.00
Casket of ashes (depth of 4 feet or deeper) £1,042.00
Exhumation (per individual) £3,465.00
Purchase of lairs
Lair Charges
Baby area (Loanhead & Cockpen) No charge
Cremation lair  £ 561.00
Lair (no charge for child under 18) £1,197.00
Woodland lair (Cockpen & Rosewell) £2,436.00
Issue of Duplicate Lair Certificate £130.00
Transfer of Lair Certificate £130.00
Foundations for the erection of a monument
Monument Charges
Up to and including 3 feet (900mm) £131.00
Over 3 feet (900mm) £252.00
Kerb markers: slab required £131.00

Please note: the maximum width for a headstone on a Cremation Lair is 550mm.