Council consults on improvements to Midlothian green network

A public consultation on the green network draft guidance closed on 3 April 2018.

What is the green network?

Made up of open spaces, woodland, hedgerows and wildlife areas, the Midlothian green network also includes rivers, ponds and reservoirs, and paths for walking and cycling. 

Draft guidance produced

The recently adopted Midlothian Local Development Plan 2017 included a commitment to prepare guidance on how and where the network can be improved and extended. As a result, draft supplementary guidance has been produced, focusing in particular on areas where significant new development is planned.

Possible improvements

Many of the improvements identified will be delivered through planned new housing, while some will need to be delivered by landowners and others, including communities, working in partnership. Possible improvements include new walking and cycling routes and areas where wildlife habitats should be created. 

Once adopted, this guidance will form part of the Midlothian Local Development Plan, which guides decision making on planning applications.  The consultation document can be viewed on our planning and building pages.

20 Feb 2018