Support for adults with dementia

Understanding dementia and managing symptoms

We can help you understand how dementia is affecting you or the person you care for, help you identify the symptoms, and manage day to day challenges.  

General information on dementias

Alzheimer’s Scotland and Alzheimer’s Research UK have good descriptions of types of common dementias.

Rare Dementia Support offers specialist support for individuals living with, or affected by, a rare dementia diagnosis. 

Practical coping strategies

We can discuss practical suggestions on how to manage symptoms of dementia, including memory aids and strategies. We can also discuss medication options. 

Managing associated conditions

Some people with dementia may have other conditions such as depression, anxiety, delirium and agitation. There are some useful websites with information about managing these:

Driving and dementia

A diagnosis of dementia is not in itself a reason to stop driving. The most important issue is whether you or the person you care for can still drive safely.

Your doctor may advise you to stop driving, or to have a formal driving assessment at the Scottish Driving Assessment Service.

Alzheimer’s UK advises what to think about if you or the person you care for intends to drive after their diagnosis.

Inform the DVLA

You need to inform the DVLA that you intend to keep driving. Some people use this example letter to do so. You should also let your insurance company know.

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