Personal Assistants

Become a Personal Assistant (PA)

After enrolling in our PA scheme, you will be listed in our Personal Assistants directory.


  • Only a person getting a Direct Payment from Social Work can employ you.
  • We do not vet candidates. The employer will make all necessary checks.
  • A listing does not guarantee employment as a PA. The PA scheme is there to connect people only.

PVG membership

To enrol, you don't need to be a member of the PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) scheme, although it would be very helpful. We always recommend prospective employers to carry out a PVG check before recruiting someone.

Enrol online as a PA

£500 thank you payment

Personal Assistants can apply for the £500 thank you payment from the Scottish Government for their response during the pandemic. To find out if you are eligible and for guidance on how to apply visit the Scottish Government website.